Last-Deck Aluminum Decking

Last-Deck® can be purchased online through our Online Store, by anauthorized Last-Deck® dealer, or direct from our facility. To locate a dealer near you, please contact Last-Deck, Inc. If you are inquiring via email, please provide your city, state and phone number.

Last-Deck, Inc.
79434 550th Avenue

Jackson, MN 56143

Phone: (507) 847-4111

Toll Free: (866) LASTDECK or (866) 527-8332
Fax: (507) 847-2331

In instances where there is not a Last-Deck® dealer in your area, Last-Deck, Inc will be happy to service you directly. Have a sketch of your project? Get it in our hands today! Don't already have one? Download the Design Quote Sheet below (available in Word Document and PDF formats), print it, sketch your project on the provided grid, and send it to Last-Deck, Inc via fax or email.
Last-Deck Aluminum Decking

Design Quote Sheet- Word
Design Quote Sheet-PDF

Last-Deck Aluminum Decking

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Last-Deck, Inc, 79434 550th Avenue, Jackson, Minnesota 56143

Call Today: 1-866-527-8332
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