Last-Deck® and Last-Rail® has a Limited Lifetime Guarantee.  We guarantee that your Last-Deck® aluminum decking and Last- Rail® aluminum railing will be distortion free for life.   What’s more is your warranty is transferable too!  The family home is often our most significant investmen and with Last-Deck® your aluminum decking and railing purchase can actually become a selling feature when a prospective buyer discovers that they will be covered by our warranty. Download our warranties below and take a look for yourself.


Last-Deck®'s Aluminum Decking Warranty (PDF)

Last-Deck®'s Aluminum Railing Warranty (PDF)


Your personal time is too valuable to re-stain that rickety old deck over and over again.  It seems like the weather never cooperates and with all of those splitting and warping boards it hardly seems worth it….  We all have too much to do and not enough time to do it in.  So, when you have a beautiful afternoon and time to relax the last thing that you want to do is stain a deck, or worse yet scrape and paint!


With Last-Deck® your maintenance woes are over.  If you have a garden hose with decent water pressure that is all you need.  You will be amazed at how easily dirt and debris are washed away with a simple garden hose.  If your water pressure isn’t the greatest or if some debris really got ground in and sat for a while… don’t worry a soft nylon bristled brush, used lightly with a mild soap, works wonders.


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